10 more fave places

Well I thought that idea of getting folks to nominate their favourite 10 places they’ve ever been to was a winner, once I received that one response – and that from my wife. Blimey folks, I know you’ve been to some lovely places and seen some wonderful sights and experienced great service and food occasionally. Just send me 10 words telling me where. If it helps jog a few thoughts, here’s my next fave places:

1. Padstow, Rock and Rick Stein’s restaurant where we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

2 Cycling up to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. It’s just stunning to stand on it and take in the view. It would be so easy to jump off too!

3 Speaking of the view, Alcatraz prison in the bay. Very evocative.

4. The Greco-Roman theatre in Taormina Sicily and that view of Mt Etna.

5. Portofino – as pretty as it gets.

6. The Eifel Tower – loved going up though walking down gave me the heebie jeebies.

7. Pacific Time Restaurant South Beach Miami

8. The Board walk, South Beach Miami

9. Seattle and the drive up to Vancouver.

10. Chrysler building, New York

How hard is that? Come on folks. At this rate we’ll never get to 40 let alone 4000 nominations. If no-one submits I’ll have to resort to doing more cooking ideas for useless men. And I know how much you all like that!



4000 travel favourites

Well thank you folks because we’ve just had the 4000th vistor to the site, woo hoo. Looks like we’re averaging around 50-60 visitors a day and it’s growing steadily. I was thinking – it would be really cool if every visitor were to list their top 10 places in the world they’ve been to or things they’ve seen and been moved by and posted them in the comments page, we’d end up with a fascinating list – could we get 4000 listed?

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