Very old friends and readers and occasional viewers of my oh so self-deprecating LinkedIn profile will be aware of the three Bafta’s I was talented enough to be awarded back in the day. Oh I know it’s nothing to brag about really but it is three more than Sir ian McKellen’s got with his four nominations and zero awards.  I’m only joshing with you dear readers. I’ve only got just the two dust collectors messing up the place. But it’s still two more than Sir Ian and my acting hero (until we met The Fockers) Robert de Nero have between them, ha!. What, you don’t believe me? Continue reading


baftas; baffling?

Hey did I miss anything interesting at the Baftas (did I ever mention I have two on the mantlepiece – alright they are Interactive Baftas but it’s still two brass faces! Oh apparently I have mentioned it… several times before, boringly, I’m reminded)?   Continue reading