I bloody knew it

It seems only fitting that on the day that ITV announce that the Jeremy Kyle show has been cancelled for good, I should do a posting about television – specifically ‘factual’ series and the rather odd role that reality and truth play in their production sometimes.

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walk on the mild side

Look at this lovely old footbridge over the Thames here in ready steady Teddington. A couple of weeks ago we were walking over it with our good friends J&ML. C and I tripped over it for a gentle stroll in the rare balmy weather along the far, Surrey, side of the river this last week-end. I love this bridge and the stretch of the river on either side of it.  Continue reading

brought me sunshine

Well Xmas TV has been its usual mix of mad soap plots, crappy game shows, listings of the best/worst adverts etc, sport and old films. It’s always a bit more disappointing than you anticipate of course. My wife C likes a good movie over the hols and in the last few days we’ve watched one or two. The Horse Whisperer, starring a still handsome Robert Redford in his denims and cord jackets was particularly appealing to her for some reason.

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