ITV crap and local update

Well it’s been a few weeks without a posting. I felt compelled to write something…anything having spent the last 15 minutes watching ITV’s latest Sunday night concept programme ‘Off Their Rockers’. Apparently some fu**wit in the commissioning department was convinced that getting OAPs to do Candid Camera type stuff would have us rolling off our sofas with hysterical laughter. I’ve seen more comedy on the World at War.

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he’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere

Over in Italy I wrote that the most popular TV presenters would appear on any number of shows (and very often on the ads within the programmes too). Now I’ve noticed this trend being adopted here – especially on ITV. It’s been pretty painful watching Philip Schofield host The Cube as well as co-presenting This Morning and Dancing on Ice but at least we get his delightful co-host Holly Willoughby to slavver over. Then there’s Ant & Dec monopolising Saturday nights when they aren’t down under doing IACGMOOH! However the undisputed new King of the programme hogs has got to be Adrian Chiles. He’s on bloody everything; each morning on Daybreak, on all of ITV’s football coverage, and now here’s hosting a chat show on Sunday evenings. I guess ITV must feel that they need a return on their £6m investment in grumpy Chilo but for heaven’s sake can’t they try and find some talent other than PhilorAde and Ant’n’Dec to front their shows?  And not Davina please.


tv heroes and zeroes

It’s amazing the power that TV has to delight and infuriate in equal measure, and I’m not talking about the co-scheduling of X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (though how a knackered old mule like Bruce Forsyth hasn’t been shot by now I’ll never know). But a few other things have caught my tv eye recently.

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pretty woman

It seems like all the women I know have been captivated by it. It’s not the prospect of a blind date with John McCririck but the TV series Mistresses, which has just finished its second series. The plot lines are ridiculous of course but the four female leads enjoy, and occasionally regret, hours of exciting, dangerous and unfaithful love-making (and sometimes just plain old dirty sex) with a succession of great looking – and ruthlessly exploited – men. I’ve noticed that wistful look in my wife’s eyes.

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the sopranos

Well I have to admit that we are starting to accumulate a fairly large library over here of dvds on tv series from the UK and the USA.  Sometimes it’s a series that we’ve already seen and enjoyed enormously and don’t mind re-viewing but increasingly we are picking stuff that we meant to see but didn’t get into, or have stumbled across and now enjoy a lot. Continue reading