Driving Me Crazy


Driving eh. I used to do well over 40,000 miles a year when I was in business (a lot of it the daily 4.5 hour commute from Buckingham to C London and back) and, believe it or not, pretty much enjoyed all of it. I’ve always been a guy who loves to drive. Until the last year or so….

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norton canes: a little corner that will forever be england

Sounds like a character from Dallas or Dynasty; a cattle baron or oil magnate. Maybe a hint of Englishness about the name – perhaps he’s the central character in a Jefferey Archer thriller – the guy who seems awfully decent and well-connected but actually turns out to be a sleeze-bag liar and philanderer. Ooops sorry, that’s Jeffrey’s character. Actually it’s the name of a small town in Staffordshire which has lent its name to one of the UK’s newest motorway service areas, the only one on the 27 mile stretch of M6 toll motorway linking the M42 and M6 around J11. The great mystery about this MSA is that the place is always, always packed and yet the motorway is virtually empty. Why is that?

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