Days off…and all that

So  a couple of weeks ago whilst Caz was having an eye op in a clinic in Milton Keynes I popped down the road to IKEA to buy a picture frame to house some poster images I’d found online of a few of the best concerts I’d ever witnessed; Led Zeppelin playing at Aberystwyth (it’s so true), Springsteen at Villa Park, Tina Turner at Woburn and Hendrix at Blackpool’s Winter gardens. I know it sounds as likely as Hancock apologising for being such an arrogant twat, but it truly happened. And he shared the bill with Pink Floyd, The Nice (EL&P), The Move, Amen Corner and Eire Apparent. What a line up.

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Another one bites the dust

I may be getting a bit obsessional about this topic but indulge me by seeing how quickly you can identify this brand:

–  formed the year I was born, 1952, in Newcastle upon Tyne

–  the company employs 20,000 people and generated revenues of nearly £750M in 2012

–  it’s marketing face is the luckiest man on TV Paddy McGuinness

–  their strapline is ‘the home of fresh baking’ and they sell sandwiches, sausage rolls and doughnuts. Millions of them and, if truth be told, the occasional Cornish pastie to me.

Yes of course its Greggs and at the last count they had 1671 outlets throughout the UK. Well one fewer than that actually because last week this was the scene we faced on Teddington’s Broad St:


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