walk on the mild side

Look at this lovely old footbridge over the Thames here in ready steady Teddington. A couple of weeks ago we were walking over it with our good friends J&ML. C and I tripped over it for a gentle stroll in the rare balmy weather along the far, Surrey, side of the river this last week-end. I love this bridge and the stretch of the river on either side of it.  Continue reading


You could have fooled me. Oh dear, we tuned into the third semi-final (surely there can only be two?) of Britain’s Got Talent last night.  I’m even more convinced that they need to add a rider to the title like ‘If Only We Can Find It’ or ‘But Not Much Of It’ or most accurately ‘But Virtually All Of It’s Already Been Uncovered And Now We’re Scraping The Bottom Of the Variety Act Barrel’. The couple of acts who qualified last night for the Final were OK I guess – a singing accountant who still lives with his mum and dad and an impressionist who specialises in mimicking bald men ie Phil Mitchell, Harry Hill and er…nobody else. That was the good stuff.

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pretty woman

It seems like all the women I know have been captivated by it. It’s not the prospect of a blind date with John McCririck but the TV series Mistresses, which has just finished its second series. The plot lines are ridiculous of course but the four female leads enjoy, and occasionally regret, hours of exciting, dangerous and unfaithful love-making (and sometimes just plain old dirty sex) with a succession of great looking – and ruthlessly exploited – men. I’ve noticed that wistful look in my wife’s eyes.

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baftas; baffling?

Hey did I miss anything interesting at the Baftas (did I ever mention I have two on the mantlepiece – alright they are Interactive Baftas but it’s still two brass faces! Oh apparently I have mentioned it… several times before, boringly, I’m reminded)?   Continue reading

ant and dec: shock 3 times winners in tv vote

A bit of a cynical headline I guess but 3 more gongs for the unlikely lads at the National Television Awards the other night. I’m sure the voting was all above board this time because they are just everybody’s favourite presenters aren’t they? All that talent, so little height. If ever there was a misnomer for an event it has to be the NTA don’t you think? Continue reading