obama wins

I think it’s time to give it up Hillary….is what Barack Obama seems to be saying and the rest of us are thinking. After a marathon contest Barack Obama finally seems to have secured the necessary 2118 delegates together with an avalanche of super delegates to secure the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential title race. Hillary’s not yet said what her intentions are but presumably the best she can hope for is to be offered the VP running ticket. Would she want it? Maybe the smart thing would be to concede gracefully, let the Clinton’s regroup emotionally and financially, and to plan for a Chelsea Clinton bid for the main prize down the line.

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clinton wiltin’?

I’ve just been reading about last night’s premiere of Rambo (is it the IV or V in the series, but who cares?) which befitting an art house movie like this attracted a fair sprinkling of footballers and WAGs. As she appeared on the red carpet somebody called towards Danielle Lloyd, who seems to be working her way through most of the players who have ever played for Spurs, and playfully challenged her with the question, Hillary or Barack? The poor love could only reply ‘Who are they? Are they in the film? I don’t suppose her beau at Rambo Defoe is unduly concerned by her lack of awareness of the American Presidential elections. Nor do I suppose it’s worrying Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But it’s a shame because the contest to select the Democratic candidate is entering a truly interesting phase.

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iowa caucus

Looks like an anagram of i c u (U!) as a cow. Sorry that’s the best I can do but is it reflective of what the voters may have secretly thought about Hilary Clinton in the first round of voting for the Democratic nomination for the next President of the US? A bit harsh I know and sorry H if you ever (as if) get to read this. But the fact is Hilary’s personna is cold, cynical and calculating. This is the woman who put up with Bill’s many indiscretions and then recruited him as her prime selling point. It’s almost like he’s been there and done her but together we’ve Been there and Done the job. We know what’s what and how it works. We are Mr and Mrs RealCinikPolitik.

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