martina the musical

Have you read today about a new musical which is opening down under this week? Incredibly it’s about the life of Australian spin bowler Shane Warne, or ‘Warnie’ as he is affectionately known by Bruce and Sheila. You’d think that a musical celebrating anything to do with cricket, even one about the greatest spin bowler ever (well, from Melbourne), might be a little humdrum but this is supposed to be a hoot. It’s less to do with his cricketing skills and everything to do with his love of food, bleached hair (and subsequent hair transplants), shagging  women other than his wife, cheesey flirty texting, pill popping, sledging, illegal Indian bookies, smoking and boozing. Yep an everyday tale about yer average Ozzie bloke. Except this one’s famous and, as the Carling ad might put it, probably the best (ie only) liked Australian cricketer outside Kangaland. Warnie himself thinks it’s an outrage but it sounds outrageously good fun to me and I’d love to see it. Continue reading


did anyone ever ask a barber for a bobby charlton?

Other than Rab C Nesbitt, I doubt it. It was never a good look; the thin stranded comb-over but it was distinctive. Not one to appeal to the ladies though I suspect. I know what you’re thinking – pots and kettles pp. I’m not just ‘challenged’ in the hair department, more like executed. But I don’t care. I saw something on MSN’s homepage which was a feature on memorable or trend-setting hairstyles. Lots of Americans I’d never heard of but several stand out examples – Jennifer Aniston’s long bob, Farrah Fawcett’s flick back, Marge Simpson’s beehive and two from the Sopranos – Paulie Walnuts’ silver wings and Syl’s 50’s quiff (which is actually a hairpiece, oh yes).

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kate moss, victoria beckham, katie price

Who are the 3 most photographed women in Britain (after the Queen perhaps)? It’s go to be Kate, Victoria (I know she doesn’t live here at the moment – don’t split hairs) and Katie Price nee Jordan hasn’t it? That attractiveness is based to a large extent on their good looks right but is it just me or does anybody else out there find them quite unattractive?

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The Beckhams land in La La Land.

Is it just me or were you staggered by the publicity surrounding the arrival of Dave, Vicky and the lads in LA? What a palaver eh! They’d booked out the whole of First Class for the flight over so they wouldn’t be disturbed by all those preoccupied and disinterested high-level business folk, running up and down the aisles. That’s understandable…. I ask you. I’ve enjoyed David’s footballing skills probably since he scored that brilliant goal from the half-way line v Wimbledon(?). But he and Victoria have moved onto a completely different level of fascination from even that of great sportsman/pop star wife. They are the latest in a line of mega-pairings, following in the footsteps of perhaps Edward and Mrs Simpson, Burton and Taylor and Charles and Diana, who the public and media just cannot get enough of, and now they are taking on the US in its toughest celebrity bear-pit. It might get feisty but it’s going to be fascinating to see how they do.

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