the weetabix food company

Is it just me or is weird naming strategy also affecting the cereal business? I’ve seen the latest advert for the new cereal from the company and they’ve called it ‘Oatibix’. Not Oatabix to make it sound like part of the ‘Weetabix’ family but Oatibix like Oateeebix. Why? I dunno – to make it sound different perhaps? But Oat and Wheat are already different enough from a first sound perspective and the second sound similarity of the ‘t’ only makes me think the ‘a’ suffix should have been continued. Maybe they think Oaty is a better descriptor – fine but why didn’t you also think that about Wheaty? Bizarre and inconsistent unless their naming agency picks this up and wants to explain. Does anybody else worry about this kind of thing or am I just a sad cereal fancier?