Wigan gone


Well this is just a quick little posting to say how disappointed I was to see Wigan lose last night and get relegated. I won’t get into all that Spurs v Arsenal stuff because I have several mates on both sides of the N London divide. But I don’t think Wigan were anywhere near the 3rd worst side in the Premiership as their win in the Cup proved. Continue reading

chris hutchings and november

Well another of my pre-season managerial casualties came true when Chris Hutchings lost his job at Wigan yesterday. I don’t think anybody was too surprised at his departure. I was more surprised at his appointment to be honest. Yet another decent no 2 fails to make the grade as No 1. What did surprise me about Hutchings’ sacking was that he has twice succeeded Paul Jewell at Bradford and Wigan and he was sacked on both occasions after 12 games in charge on November 6 2000 and Nov 3 this time around. Spooky eh? He must look forward to bonfire night as much as the noise abatement society. Poor sod. It makes Sir Alex Ferguson’s 21st anniversary today as manager of Man U all the more remarkable.

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