farewell to brrr

You might have seen a strange bright object in the sky this last week accompanied by a weird warm feeling. Yes it was a bit of spring with temps rising to double figures at long last. Hurrah! Jeez it feels like we’ve had a very long and cold winter doesn’t it? And we haven’t had it quite as bad as some places. I wouldn’t say the shorts and pale white legs are out yet but the coats have definitely been packed away again and it’s hats in the air to some sunshine!  Continue reading

proper snow

Well it’s cold and miserable here in balmy Buckingham. We really do seem to get the dullest kind of weather here in the UK; with the seasons just remarkably the same. A bit warmer in the summer than the winter but usually pretty grey. We’ve just had a message from our friend and neighbour P in Italy. She’s been delayed setting off back to the UK for Xmas by a lorry drivers’ dispute and petrol shortage (it’s not all fun, fun, fun in Italy) but also because the car needs digging out first. As you can see from the shot below, it’s snowed in le Marche. This is a shot from P’s house looking towards ours – proper snow! I’ve added the snow effect on the site for a while in celebration.


When we get back we’ll never get down the drive-way. Nor find the wood pile. But it looks undeniably like winter. Si?