Well I figured it would only be fair to tell you about Bitches-on-the-Sofa, the sister village to Buttcrack Fullerfurze, which is home to all the annoying women I see in public life. It’s a strange little place, attractive in parts but you sense there’s been lots of cosmetic work done in a vain attempt to keep all the front facades looking fresh. It’s not a large place with just 3 main roads – Catty Lane, Dopey Drive and Needy Street.

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boss-eyed girls

Now I think you know that I really like women – and there are very very few I don’t like and only one I ever detested, Her Royal Lowness Princ(iplel)ess Margaret  – see posting on Unlikeable Lassies, 15 October 2007. But I’ve noticed that an increasing number of the most photographed ladies around are just a little bit boss-eyed. They are all physically attractive alluring women but is it just me who’s noticed this little feature? Maybe it’s because I’m eye-sensitive at the moment.  But next time you’re watching the front cover of Vogue, or Dancing on Ice/This Morning or Coronation St or Holby City check out these leading ladies. The eyes have it…

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kate moss, victoria beckham, katie price

Who are the 3 most photographed women in Britain (after the Queen perhaps)? It’s go to be Kate, Victoria (I know she doesn’t live here at the moment – don’t split hairs) and Katie Price nee Jordan hasn’t it? That attractiveness is based to a large extent on their good looks right but is it just me or does anybody else out there find them quite unattractive?

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