high speed writing

So there I was doing some last minute Xmas shopping in WHSmith’s in Kingston yesterday afternoon when I was shocked still in my tracks. There on its own huge promotional stand was the book that the world’s been waiting for; possibly the most eagerly anticipated autobiography by one of the men of the century. Was it something by Mandela or Barack Obama or Stephen Hawkings possibly?  No it was the book intriguingly entitled My Story written by that colossus on the world scene….Matt Cardle. Yep the part-time painter and decorator who won X Factor just over a week ago has found time to write his memoirs. That’s a truly incredible achievement for someone who’s been massively busy. And what a life story it must be. Unfortunately I was so stunned I had to go out and get some fresh air and didn’t get back in to buy the opus. I was running away.

Unbelievable? Here’s the thing if you live your life through others and feel compelled to go out and buy it…

It’s gotta be a cert for the Booker prize.


reality tv; the public’s revenge

Now come on, why would you want to vote for a sorry old bloke who can’t sing and looks like a refugee from a hippy colony in a high-profile talent competition? Because I sense the public have had enough of the squabbling (amongst the judges!) and being milked by the likes of Simon Cowell and his blessed record/music business. And they are voting for Wagner at the expense of far better singers in the hope, I believe, that they can secure a very unlikely (and in Cowell’s case presumably highly unwelcome ) winner of the X Factor.  Do you think Simon and Syco Music will fancy their chances of a Xmas No1 next year with this Brazilian sherbert?

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pasta paulie tips for lasting fame

Well it will be interesting to see  what happens to the various contestants from X Factor. It’s not always the case that the winner goes on to achieve heady success. They may have had a bit of fame but who really cares now about Steve Brookstein (never argue with the man eh!), Shayne Ward and Leon Jackson? Do you remember Alex Parks who won Fame Academy with her own brand of lesbian angst – well what’s happened to her? And it’s sometimes the also-rans who achieve the bigger success; I read that JLS have out-sold Alexandra Burke massively this last year. And that rather odd-looking Rhyddian guy has been all over the press and tv these last few weeks. So nothing is for sure, especially in the wonderful world music/entertainment.   Continue reading

and the winner is….

Well what a night for winners eh? The biggest had to be ITV over the BBC. By all accounts more 10m people voted for  the X Factor finalists compared with 0.5m for the Sports Personality of the Year. The audience figures  must have been similarly  skewed too I suspect. Why on earth do the BBC put their flagship programmes up against the behemoth that is X Factor? It strikes me as bonkers. Wouldn’t it have been better to schedule SPOTY to next Sunday evening when they would have presumably dominated the weekend viewing with the final of the Beeb’s Strictly Come Dancing capturing the Saturday night audience. But what do I know?

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Strictly X Factor Celebrity

Well here we are, after what seems like an eternity the finals of the 3 big TV programmes are upon us, and I can’t believe I haven’t written a word on the subjects of Strictly Come Dancing, X factor and I’m  a Celebrity GMOOH, before now. Never in the field of blogging has there been so much to say about such little talent that’s gone unsaid. Ah well, better late than never. Continue reading

strictly X celebrity factor… forever

Well we’ve been back a few weeks and it’s allowed us to catch up with all the Saturday night tv shows. I actually quite enjoyed IACGMOOH – it seemed to come to a conclusion nice and  quickly and  although it had its share of sad has beens, they made for good tv. X factor reaches its conclusion tonight thankfully – surely the highlight of the whole series was Dermot’s post-mime interview with Britney – just arrrwesome! Nice of you to bother turning up love. But the prize for played out, overblown cringe-inducing TV has to be Strictly Come Dancing.  Words fail me….

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the X factor?

More like Why? factor if you ask me. Surely I can’t be alone in thanking the Lord that I don’t have to endure any more programmes featuring Simon the Almighty Cowell, at least for a week. Is it just me or do you despair too of all this let’s find a new star stuff? It’s not the concept of unearthing new talent I object to a al Hughie Green. It’s just the bloody way he’s so controlling. Jeez we’ve had seemingly months of this latest show.

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