sorry chuck

It sounds very Lancashire but actually it’s an apology to Chuck Berry for plagiarising the wonderful lyrics to one of his greatest songs, Johnny B Goode, the sentiments of which are far dirtier than most people realise. But the song seems to be being played all over the media as a kind of hymn to Johnny Wilkinson aching for him to do something brilliant again tonight. I’ve just been to the shops to buy some bread and milk and bumped into the guy who used to cut my hair. He was already unbelievably excited (at 8.30 in the morning!) about the prospects tonight, as indeed was the lady behind the till. In seconds the whole shop joined in the chat and everyone was saying stuff like ‘Johnny can do it’ and ‘come on Johnny’. So here’s to you Mr Wilkinson:

(Final verse)

His mother told him ‘some day you will be a man’

And you will be the leader of a big old band

Of brothers wearing the white and the rose

Looking to you to drop the killer goals

Then we’ll know your name will be in lights

Singing Johnny be good tonight

Go, go

Go Johnny go

Go, go

Go Johnny go

Go, go

Johnny be your brilliant best!

Sentimental nonsense I know but I can’t think of anything sensible to write any longer. Swing low, aim true, sing hard and cry God for Johnny, England and St George. Come on England. Leave those Boks reeling and a-rocking.

p p

7 thoughts on “sorry chuck

  1. England have done superbly to get this far in the RWC – coming back from the dead, but probably running on pure belief, and luck that is sure to run out tonight! 😉
    But – good luck to all – whoever wins – it will be a cracker!

  2. Shame it just didn’t happen for us, but there you go. I just wish sometimes we didn’t expect the English to win at sport. I like it when we expect to lose, like the first few weeks of the rugby world cup, then victory is so much sweeter. How long before our expectations meet the reality of our consistantly average, rugby, cricket, football, athletics, teams? Come on Lewis Hamilton, we expect you to win!

  3. thank you the peaceys – very gracious. the better team won.

    you’re right dr; it didn’t hurt 4 weeks ago when we were playing rubbish. now it feels crap. hey ho that’s the life of an England suppporter – always expecting too much i guess. but as you say come on lewis!

  4. I hung on until the last whistle hoping for a turn. Don’t commentators piss you off during these big matches. They start off all full of hope and bigging up our team and then just when you want some reassurance that it might be ok, they turn into the most miserable, moany, patronising and EVEN go so far as to saying ‘well played’ to the other side!! Agh! heheh…

    We need to start taking it across the line and stop depending on Johnny. Pardon? Of course, I’m watching the rugby and not their rippling thighs! *sigh*

  5. I thought the guys did brilliantly n and though we lost it was still a magnificent effort given the way we started the tournament. you can’t ask more of a team than that. No disgrace in losing the final.

    But, you’re right, the commentators can destroy the whole atmosphere. we are blessed by having some of the best and, certainly at football, some complete kn**heads.

    As for the guys thighs, well, all English guys have those.

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