mcclaren the vaccillator

Well I’ve just heard the news that, as predicted, David Beckham is back in the England squad. What does that tell you about the manager Steve McClaren? It tells me that he is running scared of the sack as the worst England manager in history. Lose the next qualifier and he’s out.

That’s why he has gone back on his oh so macho showcase statement when he announced at his first press conference that England under HIS stewardship would be heading in a direction completely away from planet Beckham and his circus. Henceforth DB was not in his plans, although the door would always be left open..blah blah. But we all know what he meant. He needed to make a statement of intent and distance himself from the man he had loyally supported for 5 years and his captain. He’d obviously told the FA that this was his grand strategic plan and they were going to hold him to it. To them it was just what they wanted – some lummox to announce, as they couldn’t face it doing it themselves, the end of the fruitless Sven/Beckham axis. And the less than-mighty-quiffed one McClaren was oh so happy to sit there smiling whilst shafting Ericsson’s legacy and the Beckham flimflam, irregardless of his playing ability. Just to make himself look strong and powerful; hey a bit like big Phil Scolari (who the FA really wanted), except that McQuiff is nothing like fat Phil. Talk about strong views, weakly held. What a sham of man.

Beckham was consigned to history and, despite all the appallingly self-serving new hairstyle launches at his pre-match England press conferences, general media manipulation and special attention for family Beckham, fact was Beckham was a still decent player to discard on a political whim. McClaren assassinated him basically.

For DB this looked a cruel blow. Within weeks he’d lost his Real place after announcing his move to LA Galaxy and his career looked over effectively. But to give the guy credit he won back his Real place and has by all accounts been the catalyst for Real’s surge to the top of the table. He’s in decent form. But this wouldn’t mean anything if, having taken over, McClaren had groomed his successors. He’s had the candidates and plenty of games. But what’s happened? England under the charismo have performed appallingly – where are they now? -4th in a qualifying group they were expected to head easily. As for Beckham’s successors, Lennon’s done ok but seems no further forward in his develoment than when played spasmodically under SGE. Shaun Wright -Philipps is a confidence player who’s lost almost all of what he had since making the sad, money-grasping move to Chelsea where he never would withstand the overbearing ego of Jose M. He’s gone backwards. Kieron Dyer? Don’t make me laugh. So who’s best on the right of midfield – Gerrard? Do me a favour, get him controlling things from the centre where he belongs. That leaves….DB in the best form for 5 years.

So the balding one announces today he’s back. No loss of face there then Steve? Don’t you wish DB would turn round and say ‘sorry Steve but playing for you and the FA again doesn’t figure in my long term plans’. He won’t of course because he’s now probably presuming McComb-over will grant him just enough more caps to get his 100 up. But SM wouldn’t say that it’s just for 2 games probably. Can he realistically select him once DB’s playing in the USA. Course he can’t, therefore there is no future for DB but he can’t just say it like it is. Apparently ‘it’s not a backwards step’ either. Please baby jesus can we have an England manager who’d be honest, have the courage of his convictions, be welcomed and highly-regarded by the prima donna players, who could inspire them with his tactical acumen and leadership qualities and who wouldn’t try to spin every frigging decsion. It’s like watching the last days of Blair’s premiership, except McClaren’s been there.. is it a year yet?

Steve Coppell, why don’t you drop Brian boody Barwick your e-mail address before Madjeski sells you out to some Cambodian billionaire. He’s going to be needing a new manager after we look good against the Brazillians, when DB has a blinder, and lose the plot versus Estonia, when DB will probably have a stinker. Exit stage left both the man with an embarrassing hairstyle and the man who launched a thousand crap hairstyles. Something tells me they won’t be walking off hand in hand.


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