much cassidy

Now those who know me well are well aware that my body shape isn’t as honed and cut as it was in my teens. Sadly that was more more than  40 years ago and time and the occasional glass of wine has added the odd inch to the waistline. Seven might be the appropriate uneven number. So I’m the last person fit to comment on somebody carrying a layer or two of surplus ‘energy’ reserves. But I feel unabashed about commenting when folks who should know better, dress in a way which not only fails to accentuate their better features but majestically succeeds, albeit unintentionally, in showcasing their chunky bits. Please step forward Miss Natalie Cassidy.

Now in case you don’t know Natalie’s  an ex-cast member of Eastenders who is appearing in the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing which started last night. Natalie’s one of these girls whose weight seems to fluctuate – when she’s on top form she’s shed it by the bucket load and somehow the paparazzi discovered her on some private beach in a skimpy bikini and took lots of flattering pictures of her which ended up on the front pages of the celebrity magazines. Incredibly this usually coincided with the release of her latest get fit video, usually entitled something profound like Natalie’s Not Fat – alie Any More, which sold (surprise, surprise) by the bucket load too.

However it appears that Natalie has lots of those insecurity issues which just seem to afflict young soap actresses of fairly limited ability, and the pounds had a habit of piling back on again  pretty quickly. And the paparazzi were always there to take the Natalie’s Fatterly Again photos. Lots of them.

So it was a bold move for her to agree to appear on SCD where the female professional dancers have fantastically lithe figures (as indeed do most of the other female competitors and a few of the blokes too). You’d imagine she’d be totally prepared physically for the challenge. Ummn.

I couldn’t help but notice a media picture of her en route to the rehearsals a few days ago which was less than flattering. Bearing in mind this is a young woman who kind of understands how the paparazzi work, wouldn’t you imagine that she might tantalise them with a slightly more discreet outfit than this see-through leotard?


Maybe it was just an unfortunate moment I thought,  but when I watched last night’s show (where she only took part in a group dance sequence) I couldn’t believe that the show’s stylists had stuck her in the shortest outfit imaginable. To say she was carrying a bit of timber on her thighs would be kind. There’s no shame in that of course but I’m sure most women I know would choose an outfit a little less starkly revealing of their least good feature. Here’s a generous shot of the outfit:

nat cass legs article-1214627-067E72D0000005DC-510_468x458

What’s more she seemed to dance with all the grace of Ginger McCaine rather than Ginger Rogers and in an energetic  routine involving lots of lifts and twists you felt for her partner, Vincent Simone, probably the slightest of the pro dancers at 5’6″. Last year he was teamed up with  the diminutive Rachel Stevens and he’s quoted on the SCD website as saying she was ‘a dream come true’ and as a choice of partner he really ‘couldn’t have been happier’ with Rachel. There are no quotes from him  about this year’s event, surprisingly.

Well I hope he’s feeling up for it in 2009 because I’m sure he’s going to have a lot of fun exercising the biceps and triceps with the ‘multi-talented and universally-loved’ Ms Cassidy. But less might be more when it comes to exposing the flesh Natalie love. Please.



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