Suits you

I was interested to see the images this week of the England team heading off to Miami, en route to the World Cup sporting their new official suits. I’m sure the lads were expecting to don something snazzy from Armani or Hugo Boss or Paul Smith at the very least. They’ve actually been issued with matching jacket and strides from the official supplier M&S’s Autograph collection. Ah well lads.

Still I’m sure they’ll be reassured to know that the suit is available for just £199 from the retailer’s online store, which isn’t a bad price when you think of the cost of a replica shirt. It must be a pretty attractive deal because M&S online have already run out of stock. I don’t know. They’ve just had the 4 years to get ready for this. Is it any wonder that they are losing market share to their competitors hand over fist?

Whether a slim-fitting suit and collar and tie is the most appropriate wear for a visit to very steamy Manaus I don’t know, but at least the lads looked rather smart as they prepared to board the plane at a cool and blustery Heathrow….


Have you nerticed how Roy and the senior squad members are all lined very smartly at the foot of the steps, whereas at the top of the stairs the photographer seems to have lost a bit of interest and everyone’s all squashed together. There he’s stuck all the squad players and Joe Hart, who is the first choice goalkeeper, but then he did all those laughable shampoo ads for Head and Shoulders so yeh stick him up in the Gods.

But hang on a minute what’s happened to little Raheem Sterling? Poor little bugger… they’ve stuck him unceremoniously half-way up the steps behind the biggest player in the squad and he can only just pop his head out to get in shot. I hope he gets a real complex and goes out in the first game with a right monk on and terrorises the bloody Italians, also en route to Brazil no doubt attired in their suits from collezioni Canali, individually priced at €1200. I want to be able to write in 11 days time that “M&S sales soar as Sterling hits all-time high!”

Come on son.



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