London journies

We are making a lot of trips to London at the moment supporting our daughter Becksy who’s going through something of a dental drama which I’ll cover off in a later post. You won’t believe it. But this is about the journey. It’s about a 7 hours return time so pretty draining but that doesn’t matter to us. Heading down we listen to BBC Radio 2. We take part in Ken Bruce’s Popmaster and do around 14 points but I find R2 a v dull listen. Caz isn’t keen on Talksport and on R5 it’s that dipstick Adrian Chiles so we tend to stick to the music.

Heading down the M40 Ken B introduced Rod Stewart’s new single ‘One More Time’. I have to say it sounded like a singer with a Scottish dance band from the 60’s with a whiff of mandolin and bagpipes and a scratchy voice. It sounds a bit weird now to hear a 70+ year old man bashing out songs with a driving beat. I just feel he should be doing the great American song book now. Anyway his latest song’s called One More Time and, whilst dear old Ken Bruce didn’t mention this, it’s about his desire to have sex one last time with a girl. I listened to a couple of lines from the song which were repeated a few times and I felt uncomfortable:

‘It was great whilst it lasted ….And together we smashed it’

Eeyeww. It was just a bit uncomfortable listening.

Next up and interview with Roger Taylor of Queen. He was talking about the single from his latest album. It was inspired by the general  experience of lockdown where he declared that we had all struggled with the effects of covid. Fair enough but Roger explained that the words of the song were all about the struggle to survive. I mean this is a guy who’s conservatively worth about $200m.  He might have had a tough covid but who knows eh? Anyway this new song is all about how covid has affected all of all..

…through the airports and train stations, of the multiplex of nations, all the creatures and creations ,,,

You might guess that the rhyming could be getting a bit strained by this point but he persisted with this couple of lines…

…all the fishes and crustaceans…to satisfy their sense of station’

Whatttt? Prawn mindfulness? It just sounded like a line in search of a rhyme rather than seeking some sense. I often believe these feted popstars get an easy ride from the media. Just listen to this blurb from Roger Taylor’s own publicity about the track. It’s….

‘….dreamy pop with sweeping widespread melody, a radiant glow, and a quietly profound ultimately uplifting message couched in luxuriant liquid guitar and ambient seagull effects.’

Yes I’d forgotten about the seagull sound effects. They just made it sound like a Hitchcock thriller. I’m sure I’d get released for writing flamboyant prose like this. If you want to hear the track check out the link below. I find it hard to believe that anyone will find this buyable but it’ll sell in piles I’m sure.

Anyway just a point about driving around London (and jfyi I had to get up at 5am to fill up with fuel). Do you know it’s 20 mph everywhere other than main roads? Have you tried travelling at that speed for long distances? 30mph I’m used to after 50 years of driving; you can instinctively tell from the engine sound etc what the car’s speed is and sort of keep to it. But 20mph is a pretty alien speed and contemporary cars struggle to enjoy travelling at this speed. As do I. Caz had to remind me every half mile that I was nudging 30mph. Crap music, difficult speed limits, unfulfilled dental procedures and 7 frustrating hours later. Just another day as parents eh.


Here’s the track…fishes and crustaceans included









2 thoughts on “London journies

  1. Funny about speed limits. From my speed awareness course 8 years ago all i remember is 3rd for 30. Which is good. And I rememeber it. But loads of roads round here are now 20 (which is good, because of schools etc) but try that in 2nd, and the car wants you to go in in 3rd…Anyway, people seem to ignore it, the police dont enforce it, so resorted to throwing random footballs out onto the road again 20 years later. Someone might complain but someone else can measure the tire marks….

    And another thing. Went up to Stanstedwith the dog to pick J up from France, and purposefully sat in the inside lane at about 65. Got there in 80 minutes. So went to the Bishops Stortford service station just by Stansted to let the dog have a pee, then went to pick up J.

    So here’s the thing, picked up J at 4.15 and back in TW at 5.25. 70 minutes. I was hammering it comparatively on the way back but only made 10 minutes. Whats the point?

    • Hi S
      Know what you mean mate. We’re doing a lot of miles on the motorway at the moment and it’s always painful. As is that 20mph limit. The appeal of electric cars is getting stronger. Stay well mate


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