arsenal lose to spurs; lessons learned?

A strange occurrence in the football world last night as Spurs beat their N London rivals for the first time since 1999, when most of the Arsenal side from last night were wearing shorts… to school. Actually it wasn’t just a win it was a 5-1 thrashing. For all Spurs fans it must have been a sweet, sweet moment and for my good friends Shay and Colin, who have had to endure many jibes from me as long-suffering fans of the under-achieving THFC, it must have been v special. Their gracious decision not to send through any ‘who’s smirking now fat boy manurite?’ messages is humbling…and inexplicable. After all it could easily be 9 years before it happens again! Sorry guys, easy joke.

So what caused this lightning strike moment? Spurs were the better side I thought at the Emirates when Berbatov had a sublime 45 minutes. But 1-1 seemed a reasonable score. I thought Wenger might have loaded his team with a couple more of his first teamers given that Spurs were clearly intent on not letting this tie go without a fight – after all a Cup final place was at stake. But to be fair he kind of stuck with the bulk of the kids choosing to ship in some heavy mob into the centre back roles. I guess he must have reckoned that Senderos and the other kid were simply no match for Keane and Berbatov.

But I watched the match highlights and Arsene got it all wrong. Spurs were just rampant from the start and the threat came from midfield where Jenas in particular had a blinder. Plus the White Hart Lane crowd were clearly up for it. The atmosphere seemed electric from the start as if they all knew that destiny beckoned. And so it proved. Arsenal changed things with the introductions of the Fabregas etc but it was all too late. A good goal from Adebayor for sure but what was all that stuff with Bendtner about? Very un-Arsenal like. Do you suppose big Addy was taking the piss out of NB’s orange boots? If so he should have had a pop at Diaby too. What did they look like – ORANGE boots! What a pair of jessies. Lennon’s tangerine rascals were bad enough but at least he was playing in white socks. Orange boots and red socks though is not a look for the faint-hearted. Those boots were made for wanking.

So that’s the big upset of the week. Surely Arsene needed to spend some of that cash mountain building up at the bank knowing that a number of his key personnel were away at the ANC. His reliance on the kids has stood him in good stead up until now but they were up against an undaunted side last night who knew they had the beating of the junior gooners. It’s a lesson I reckon and actions will show if Wenger thinks similarly.

For Spurs that’s the monkey off the back. I’m very impressed with Ramos to be honest. As decent as he was, I don’t think Jol would or could have instilled that sense of killer determination in his players to be honest. Blimey, did the Spurs board actually make the right decision, even though the way it was handled was cack-handed? One swallow doesn’t make a summer and all that but that could be a big turning point for the Spurs. It might just dent Arsenal’s confidence significantly.

Everton , Villa and Man C starting to hunt down Liverpool. Chelsea having to resort to winning ugly (wasn’t that Mourinho’s crime?). Rooney and Ronnie entering the zone. Has the whole season just burst into life?


9 thoughts on “arsenal lose to spurs; lessons learned?

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  2. Well stripe me pink, luvaduck, strike a light and lets go down the old rub a dub me old china…two miracles in the space of 24 hours. First a hands down, no argument, “your guys took one hell of a beating” performance from the lilywhites and then a gracious acknowlegement of the achievement from the blogfather himself.

    I use the word gracious advisedly of course, since this is the closest I think we can get from an acerbic Lancastrian glory hunter. But the truth is that Wenger was an arse…he picked a halfway decent team and tried to pretend it was the numpties and then packed the bench with frontliners (who all came on..Febregas after 18 minutes you may remember…isn’t this the guy who can win the league on his own..apparently?).

    And just two words…Theo who?

    He said before the game that it wasn’t the biggest challenge of the season, it was all good fun for the little ones to play in and that he fully expected to win because..well…they always do. Patronising gallic streak of urbanity that he is. Well, he should try telling that again to the Arsenal fans who started streaming out of the Lane in disgust after goal number four with half an hour to go.

    “Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio…”

    Even Ramos gets it…taking off Keane, Berbabtov and Lennon for the last 25 minutes. Job done, let our some of own second team have a go for a while.

    For a long time now we have been the team that played valiantly and could have if only…but lost. Last night we just went and did it, that seems to be what senor Juande has brought with him. I don’t know if Levy is the shrewdest or the luckiest chairman in the Premiership but in the space of 90 minutes he went from muppet to genius with the yid faithful.

    Whatever Ramos does for the rest of the season he achieved what Hoddle, Pleat, Santini and Jol couldn’t…he beat the arse. For make no excuses gooners…that was your team out there.

    As a sign off…twat of the night goes to Paul *sniff* Merson on Sky with his (equally gracious) comment in defeat: “Some of these Spurs players are good enough to get into the Arsenal squad for sure”. Yes mate, on last night’s comparison….about 11 of them.

    So bring on the Blues (either one – we don’t care) and the bleedin reds for that matter…who cares that hubris precedes nemesis – at least we get a few days on the right side of that equation for a change.

    Talking of equations PP, a young relative of yours stands to lose a tidy sum on the outcome of the FA cup tie…gave me 5-1 odds on spurs going through to the next round. Tequila is a wonderful thing ain’t it?

    And on the subject of all things orange….remind me again which team plays in a tangerine strip? Surely not the hardy Lancastrians of the dark waters…

    People in orange tinted glass houses…

  3. ah col, you had me with you all the way until the last two paras.

    the shirt can be defiantly orange or more uniquely tangerine (haven’t some of the best matches ever played featured them and the world’s greatest players worn them?) but boots should be mostly black. it’s one of the great laws of the game. last night i spotted blue, red, silver as well as the orange/tangerine variants – and that was just in the arsenal defence.

    i know i’m old school but boots-wise it’s getting like watching women’s football. in fact that wasn’t the arsenal ladies team last night was it?

    ps what’s my nephew doing betting 5-1 against you? i’ll have to have a word – sounds like his odds are v generous!

  4. Hi PP et al

    It had to happen one day, even if it did take 21 games, and since 1999.

    For now I admit humble defeat, and accept the fact that it was an Arsenal side that was beaten – with many first team players on show, however, just two points for the blog;

    – What about the cr@p posted that the cup is devalued by sides not taking it seriously, the responses above prove the point I made that it doesn’t matter what side plays, if Tottenham beat Arsenal, that is what the record says, and the fans (of both sides) react accordingly. So, let that be an end of the “Wenger shows disrespect to the Cup” shit eh!

    – Isn’t it funny that you only get a response on a football blog from Spurs fans when they beat Arsenal, are they interested in the national side? Are they interested in the Premiership? Are they interested in Europe? Are we to assume that fair weather and narrow minded should be applied to this? Shay where are you now?

    And now I shall put a brave face on it all, and remind those who are crowing now – I have seen my team win the league when colour photography was in use (Just in case you have forgotten it is now 17,082 days since you last headed the league)

    A Bientot


  5. now that’s an impressive statistic pgob.

    of course i can watch on in amused contentment knowing that the last time my team topped the Prem was..oh it’s today.

    but come on pgob, let’s not deny the lillies a day in the sun. it was a frigging good performance and they can only beat the side put out against them and they tonked arsenal. it might not happen again for some time but it was good to watch.

    unlike that crap last night which saw russia fc thru to yet another final. is the whole of the football world beyond the fulham rd hoping that spurs beat them? (I don’t suppose you gooners give a flying f)

  6. PGOB, me old mate, firstly I congratulate you on your gracious acceptance of Tuesday’s result. To be fair most of the gooners I know (including my bro) have accepted it all in the same spirit.

    Although it must be said that I have yet to meet one who admits to having watched the game, as elusive anyone who voted three times for Margaret Thatcher or bought a Gary Glitter Album. Indeed the irony of the fact they ‘did not zee it’ seems somewhat lost on them.

    But of course the stats are on your side and one would never seek to take away from the fact that you have far more to crow about in recent, not to say modern, times than we at the Lane.

    Nonetheless I would tentatively suggest that one reason for the charge of devaluing the competition laid at the door of the Blind Gaul is the way he talks about it himself.

    He seems always to want to have his gateau and mange it aussi, saying that it is not important and yet confident that his side is good enough to win it. Well occasionally we all get it wrong sometime. C’est la vie.

    On a personal note…but without any rancour. I admit to not having not posted on this esteemed blog before, but feel no particular need to justify or explain that other than to comment that PP invited me to do so on this occasion knowing, as he does, that such opportunities have been rare in recent memory. And yes, I could not resist the chance…after all I am only human.

    Do I care about the national side? Not under McLaren no. Did anyone seriously think anything good would come of that? Now I may take more interest.

    Europe? Certainly, but having such a paucity of experience in that particular arena I have felt it prudent to leave the discussion to wiser more experienced heads such as yourself.

    Fair weather? Not sure any Spurs fan can genuinely be accused of that.

    Narrow minded? Of course. I’m a frigging football fan after all…

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