hi ho silvio-o

Well we have a new PM over here – not that we were involved in any way – the old silver fox himself, Silvio Berlusconi. I think that makes it his third time at 71 years young, as Hughie Green used to say. I use the word ‘young’  deliberately because here’s a guy who’s looking younger than ever. Honestly Silvio’s been on the box non-stop over the last month or so – which isn’t terribly surprising given that he controls most of the media over here – and it’s been hard not to recognise a certain re-crafting of the ageing features of Italy’s favourite political seducer, viz:-

He sports the most beautiful set of pearly white teeth. No shame in looking after your gnashers Silvo but isn’t it a little odd for a guy of 71 years to have whiter teeth than my 6 year old grandson? He looks a bit like my step-grandfather Eddie used to do when he put his false teeth in – a nice set but clearly not his own. Then there’s the smooth, wrinkle-free complexion – amazing for a septuagenarian don’t you think? Bloody miraculous I’d say. And the perma tan’s as genuine as  Bob Monkhouse’s.

Finally the hair, the crowning glory and not a piece out of place. If that’s natural then I’ll eat mio capello. Do you remember those glorious holiday shots of the Blairs spending time at Casa Berlusconi and Sil sporting the bandana look? You don’t suppose it was all a cover for a hair weave rather than some street cool dude pirate look do you…

  But I don’t care about all of this vanity to be perfectly honest. As politicians go he’s as non-PC as they come and I kind of like his naughty boy of Europe reputation. There’s never a dull moment with SB. It’s not terribly statesman-like and the Queen would probably faint at the prospect of entertaining him if she saw it, but can you imagine Gordon Brown doing this in Downing St (but wouldn’t it change his image!)…

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Molto divertente!


2 thoughts on “hi ho silvio-o

  1. Berlusconi did get a hair transplant and had some nipping and tucking done around his eyes. Imagine Brown doing that.

  2. er no w

    though i did see a photo of him with a huge orange blob on his forehead recently – where the make-up artist had failed to rub it all in. even dulll old gordon succumbs to a bit of touching up….


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