I came across a tv programme new to me this week; A Question of Genius. I imagined, rather stupidly, that it was going to examine the nature of genius and, you know, maybe look at the work of some of history’s great genii (if that’s the plural) – guys like Einstein, Da Vinci, Newton, Picasso, Brunel and Pele (ok, ok a subjective inclusion). You know, really thoughtful, fascinating stuff. Was it everything I hoped it would be? Er…no.   

A Question of Genius is…. a new quiz show from BBC Scotland. Groan. It’s like a cross between Going for Gold, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the Weakest Link, Mastermind and the White Heather Club. In other words a right dog’s dinner. Because it’s produced in Scotland they’ve plumped for local girl Kirsty Ward as the  show’s presenter:kirsty1

Now feisty firebrand Kirsty comes with a reputation as the thinking man’s crumpet with a razor sharp mind honed from many years co-presenting Newsnight with  pussycat Paxman. She ought to make Anne Robinson look as mild and sweet as Mary Poppins on mogadon. I was expecting a rottweiler of an inquisitor but instead we got Carol Smylie’s older sister, who’s very nice but a little nervy and ponderous.  I could feel my stubble growing just watching her.

And as for the contestants, they look like the badly-dressed sad losers from last night’s pub quiz at the Thistle and Bagpipes. Genius? More like Jeans R Us. If ever a programme’s title was a ridiculous overclaim it’s this. These guys are about as close to developing a new theory of relativity as I am to re-writing the laws of Scottish TV, thus:

Entertainment= Mc squares.

Albert will be turning in his gravy.


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