just a minute, mary love

What links Gordon the Moron (no not the one who lost 8 Ministers, got annihilated in the  local and European elections and messed up his own Cabinet  re-shuffle all inside 3 days), cups of tea, washing lines and simple Yorkshire folk? Intrigued? Well the answer’s Graham Fellows, the guy behind one of the best one-hit wonders Jilted John and who went on some 30 years later to create the comic character John Shuttleworth, the aspiring singer-songwriter from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. 

Now John’s married to the lovely Mary, a dinner lady, and he’s managed by the rather incompetent agent and next door neighbour Ken Worthington, who happened to come last on New Faces in 1973. Still with me? Well John’s been signed up to promote his favourite tipple, t’Yorkshire tea, and the latest ad’s just reet belting. It features John hiding out in his garage whilst playing with his trusty organ – the Yamaha portable – whilst enjoying a swift cuppa. As John neatly puts it ‘tea time is me time’. However Mary wants him to stop faffing around and put up a new washing line. John’s torn, of course, between the chore or the cha but spurred on by Ken’s rather sneeky encouragement (‘Swing it daddy-o’) John’s soon laying down some fine music and slurping away on the brown nectar. But will he get the chance to dunk that shortbread biccie before Mary finds out he’s slacking?

Ah, it’s just like watching t’Emmerdale, set to music. Check out the ad below and enjoy, then marvel at how John’s changed from the days when Julie left him for Gordon – just ’cause he was cool and trendy. Oh Julie. 

I’d be surprised if she’s still with Gordon mind. Too slutty. Ah well you could always pop round to John’s for a nice cuppa son. 



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