jules sees ya!

A quick posting to correct a bit of a wrong. I wrote about TV presenter Jules Hudson way back when he was tyro front man for the lightweight mid-afternoon TV programme Escape to the Country. It’s about couples looking to sell-up and make their ideal move to the hills, dales or seascape. In those early days I talked about his awkward hand-wringing and maniacal laugh and predicted that he’d make a lousy on-screen estate agent. It’s a viewpoint which has always attracted a vociferous defence from his seeming army of female fans. Not that that has bothered me.

But here’s the thing, the programme’s success has seen it expand its coterie of presenters and I have to say that Jules has become, by a country mile, the most compelling property presenter, keenly attuned to the clients’ briefs and a simply brilliant and well-researched ‘agent’ for the showcase potential homes under offer.

Jules may still have a whiff of the public schoolboy about him but he’s earned a higher profile role on TV. And now maybe some of those female fans will give me an easier ride….!



9 thoughts on “jules sees ya!

  1. Hi, Paul

    Following your email, you’re obviously a man of your word and I hope Jules reads this because whoever you are, it’s nice to receive positive feedback on what you are doing.

  2. I’m glad you revised your opinion of Jules Hudson, Paulie ! He was the speaker at our History Festival a while back and he really does laugh like that and I can tell you it’s not artificial just naturally exuberant and enthusiastic. I have seen the property show you mention and while I agree he is good on that I still prefer him as a historian in programmes such as The People’s Museum and Dig 1940. And really you shouldn’t take against him just because his Mum and Dad had the cash for private education, because after all they could have struck lucky and won the pools

    best wishes Lorraine

    • Hi Lorraine

      Many thanks for checking in. It’s amazing; even when I try very hard to say nice things about Jules I still get rebuked about my comments. Hey ho.

      This guy has some top fans alright.

      Please check in anytime L.


  3. I wouldn’t never dream of rebuking you Paulie, honest ! The bit about education was very tongue in cheek ( and I was state educated before you ask). Indeed all I meant was you should check out his history programmes as well and while I am delighted he is getting the property show work I wish he would do more of those as I believe that his where his expertise lies

    Cheers for calling me a top fan because while it’s not really true I will take any acclaim I can get 🙂

  4. i watch escape to the country and find it a very interesting programme, i live in the republic of ireland and i am a fan of jules, i love all those beautiful villages in england and have enjoyed visiting many of them. Jules is a wonderful presenter, about your remark private education, my son was lucky enough to attend private school where the class sizes were smaller both my husband and i were not born with silver spoons in our mouths we worked extremely hard so that our son could have a good education as we were not happy with the non fee paying schools where we live. Hope Jules continues to present this popular programme, by the way I also enjoyed catherine when she appeared on the programme,

    • Hi Anastasia

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m delighted you like the programme and Jules’s presenting skills and I wasn’t being anti-private education. My grandsons have benefitted from the system so how can I be overly-critical? I just can’t help my old school socialist principles sometimes. That’s me contradictory…

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