aw kuphooeyckz!

I should create a new category of postings called ‘Have You Nerticed?’ after one of my comic heroes, the failing observational stand-up Duncan Thickett (aka Steve Coogan of course). I just can’t help but notice little foibles and physical quirks that we all exhibit unknowingly. And the tiny little things people say almost unwittingly which give away their true feelings. Oooh er. 

I love having meetings with new people and can usually tell within minutes the inner nature of the person, their probable neuroses (and feelings for me) and the likelihood of moving forward in some way.  I’m pretty sure this is inate within all of us but it seems to me that most people have lost the ability to observe and really read people. But I seem to be blessed (cursed?) with pretty attuned personal radar. Without wishing to sound immodest I think that’s what made me a decent project manager of a group of people. I can usually separate the round and square pegs in any team and put them in the right shaped holes. My downside was that I had so many personal flaws which constantly disappointed those who worked for me. Ah well.

Anyway where was I before I got so into the starter for 10 subject of me and myself? Oh yeh, other people. My latest observation is about the way certain people speak. Have you nerticed? that some people, usually with a few more teeth than most of us enjoy, talk with that buccal speech where they mouth words from air trapped in their cheeks rather than from their glottis? It’s a bit like Donald Duck talking. It’s not an impediment,  it’s a trait which is endearing but I cannot help but tune into it. Who does it? Louie Spence, probably the biggest mincer on TV and an absolute idol of at least one of my daughters, is a big buccaller (and probably unbuckler?). You’ll notice immediately his lisp and fay-gay way of speaking but behind it is that cheeky boy way of pronouncing words which is nigh-on impossible to translate into text unless you understand Gaelic, Welsh or Polish. For example listen to Louie and he’ll pronounce Ladies as something like kulaidickz and then right at the end of the word that he’ll add on the ‘th’ lisp sound.

It’s a really intriguing method of vocalisation and he’s not alone. Listen carefully to Keira Knightley speaking or Chloe Madeley, currently on TV with Dancing with Ice, and you’ll hear the same speech traits.  As time goes by I may well add to this list for no other reason than I’m intrigued but if you’re a bucaller please free to comment or add the names of fellow high-profile buklerckz.



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