So you’ll remember a recent posting where I mentioned that our plans to head up to the NW last weekend for my nephew’s wedding, had been scuppered by the covid lockdown restrictions. I’m delighted to say the event went ahead (albeit restricted to fewer than 15 in attendance) and despite shocking weather, they had a blast. I’m so pleased for them. As Carol had taken a day’s leave to allow us to make a long weekend of the event we decided to have a break away to ourselves. Turning our focus away from the Fylde coast we actually found an area of the country not currently under Tier 17 armed guard lockdown – the Jurassic coast – and headed here…

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Animal rescue

So regular readers will know I’m not a big animal fan. Actually that’s nowhere near correct. I’m just someone who doesn’t like the concept of pets and having animals in the home. I love animals in their natural habitat and can live with animals being farmed for our consumption provided it is done respectfully. I don’t like zoos. But I appreciate the conservation work.  I confess, I am a bit of a protectionist when it comes to animal care and I abhor the harm that comes to some poor creatures especially deliberately. But sometimes, indeed often,  animals become harmed by their environment. And there are clusters of people who are there to care for animals who became hurt. I couldn’t do it personally but I applaud them. Continue reading

New norm

Yesterday was a little bit of a special day. You see I’m a big sports fan and yesterday afternoon I found myself watching the F1 GP qualifying sessions and between times catching up with England’s progress in the Test match v the W Indies. And then I checked into Sky’s Soccer Saturday and gorged on Jeff Stelling and the footie all afternoon. For the last 3 months we haven’t been able to do any of that of course and it felt decadent and good at the same time. Ah welcome back top level sport that we are pretty darn good at. Do you ever wonder what it must be like doing that if you’re say Scottish or Welsh? Ha! Cheap joke sorry.  And not that funny. And a bit offensive. Sorry again. Well slightly amusing.

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NHS; the good, the crazy and the comm’s overload

So I’ve not been posting for a while. I always admit that this thing comes and goes like our bloody weather. But I’ve had an excuse as I’ve been under the weather a tad. I posted a few weeks ago about a painful back/chest condition which necessitated a visit to my local A&E where I was diagnosed with something called costochondritis – an inflammation of the breastbone area. It was nothing too serious and I was prescribed with painkillers and ibuprofen. But after 3 weeks I felt no better, in fact the pain was worse. In the meantime I received a letter from Chelsea And Westminster Hospital Trust, who handled all my cancer surgery and chemo treatment and follow up, that due to a change in Trust guidelines, my colonoscopy procedure scheduled for 20121 had been cancelled. Nothing more than that other than if I had issues I should take it up with my GP. Oh, thank you and good night.

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It’s the little things that drive you mad

Well after 100 days the Premiership resumed last night. As Jack Bruce once sang, I’m so glad. But it was a strange experience  wasn’t it without spectators? Yet another thing this bloody crisis has shown the true value of is the humble fan. Without them turning up in there 1000’s at quite ridiculous costs, the spectacle just isn’t the same. The skill and artistry is all there but the critical ingredient in making the event exciting is not the sodding tv coverage after all but the passionate fans. Maybe now the clubs will appreciate them more. Nay cherish them. Nah it’s not going to happen is it? Continue reading


I think you known I’m not afraid to speak out if I see any failings or injustices. It’s just in my nature. But I should also admit that my recent postings have been quite gently-themed. I do get annoyed by stuff and rant about it but always fear that too many highly-opinionated postings will categorise me as a narrow-minded reactionary. So I’ve tuned back on the political commentary of late. But one news item has landed recently which has troubled me enormously; the death of George Floyd. It was an awful, awful situation. And it has generated some extreme commentary, not all of it helpful.

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Hot legs…er hardly

I ask you, can you think of a better month of weather than the May we’ve just experienced? It was almost perfect wasn’t it? I loved it and it made lockdown a lot more bearable. And here we are on the 2 June and it’s already raining with only deteriorating conditions being forecast, sigh. Carol was really busy online with her work and ‘Team’ meetings so I’ve been kicking my heels a bit today in boredom… Continue reading

Old tunes; new words

So yesterday I heard a rendition of some old hymn on the radio and it took me back to my school days when we had to sing those dreary old dirges during the morning assembly. I usually quite liked the tune but the words always left me a bit cold. All that Onward Christian soldiers! Marching as to war…and on to victory! stuff kinda felt a bit like after the Crusades to me. Either that or it was all I would go on the pilgrim’s journey, onward to the promised land. I’m not trying to be provocative but what exactly was a pilgrim anyway and how did it relate to me as a 12 year old who had a daunting maths lesson next? The reality was these songs meant something to a fearful congregation some 150 years beforehand but they were pretty uninspiring to pubescent lads from Poulton-le-Fylde.

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