life is a minestrone

I must confess I’m having an up and down sort of week. Our youngest daughter S and son-in-law E are expecting their first child as I’ve mentioned previously and yesterday we found out that it’s to be a boy. Wey hey. That’ll be our third grandson and provides a kind of symmetry in our lives having had three daughters. We are delighted at the news of course especially as that’s a whole future ManU midfield sorted out. In news terms the serving of Parmesan cheese as 10 CC might put it.

But the week’s cold lasagna was served up when my beloved Mac desktop developed a problem. I recently replaced its RAM memory and it’s been working like a dream until it had a nightmare collapse the other evening. I took it to the Genius bar at our local Apple store but this time the resident Einstein breathed heavily as he quietly checked with me that I had  backed everything up. Er no. Young Albert gave me that mad old fool look and sighed again as he explained that it was bad. My Mac had developed a malignancy which meant that I’d only gone and lost the drive and, consequently, all my files and precious family photos etc. It would have to be removed. This all sounded kinda familiar.

No dramas. My son-in-law E has taken it to work to see if one of the geeks can perform a miracle and if not suggest a way to recover some of the pictures and data files and perhaps some remedial surgery to get things working as good as new again. There’s always hope eh


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