diana concert

Well have you been watching the Diana concert and if so, what did you think? A bit like Diana herself – great at times and embarrassing at others? I’ve sort of enjoyed it on and off throughout the day. Is it just me but I can’t help thinking the BBC are getting crap at doing this sort of thing now. Some of the editing, production and sound countrols have been appalling, the presenters very weak and too often switching to video just as the atmosphere was building. Give it to Sky. Also did you think Wembley wasn’t perhaps the best setting for the event, too many gaps, too regimented seating? Compared with the mayhem of Glastonbury it looked a bit like a Buck House garden party. But what do I expect from an event organised by the Princes? They were pretty rubbish I thought at the presenting lark. Honestly, they had what, 40 words to say between them and they’ve been preparing for this for 10 years, so I’d have thought they could have remembered to say ‘Hello Wembley’ without crib cards in their hands. Still they were clearly proud of the achievement.

The most interesting bits for me were:

– the royal box – looked like they’d emptied Bouji’s nightclub for the event. All those young royals and their mad mates. Meanwhile the rest of the crowd all looked to be in their late 40’s.

– Elton John’s earring – he could only have borrowed it from Pat Butcher. Is it just me or does the porkmeister look increasingly like The Penguin these days?

– Duran Duran solid enough.

– Lily Allen I thought was nice and breezy. Great voice but a brave choice of dress Lily;

– the prat from Supertramp, Roger Hodgson. The performance was just horrible, terrible, hannibal, load of bull. It reminded me that the worst concert I ever saw was Supertramp at RAH. We were guests of a marketing company and it was a painful 2 hours. At one point one of the goombahs in the band brought out a cow bell or shaolin cymbal or some obscure percussion instrument, took it to the front of the stage and hit it once during one of their songs. The point? Don’t ask me. Pretentious pricks.

– the Joseph tribute. Quite good fun really but quite what the Americans made of it who knows? Pity that Lord AL-W had to show his rubbery face.

– speaking of which, what’s happened to Tom Jones’ face? He’s like the Welsh equivalent of Michael Jackson, you know it’s him, he just doesn’t look like you remember from his last appearance. Just grow old Tom; your great voice will outlast your looks and nobody cares that you’re now in your late 60s. All the girls still want to duet with you. It’s just not clever to look like someone with Joan Rivers’ face, David Gest’s hair and George Michael’s goatee.

– Kanye West – don’t get that music at all. Was he there to secure the US audience? Conversely I thought P Diddy’s performance was one of the highlights. He genuinely seemed to hit the right reverential tone even if ‘Missing You’ was originally a lament to one of his Gansta mates.

– Rod the Mod rocked the place. Thought he got the Freddy award for the most polished and spot on set. And what a set of backing singers and saxophonist. Bet he’s not missing the Faces.

– Take That. What can you say? Little Mark bless him tried very hard to sing Shine live. And Robbie Williams never turned up in the middle of ‘Back for Good’ – now that would have a moment.

– Ricky Gervais. Funny but a bit like a car crash happening in slow motion. Were they running over or filling time or what. Poor sod was sent out to do a one minute intro and ended up trying to fill 10 minutes without material. Betcha Elton was having a tantrum backstage over how to trim his set. They should have shown that. But I loved it when they just said to Ricky ‘hand over to the BBC’ like the cavalry had arrived. And we got Claudia Winkelman.

Yep an interesting concert all right but can we put her memory to rest now lads. That’s enough Prince dancing for me. What did you think about it?


2 thoughts on “diana concert

  1. Hi PP

    Much like you, I thought the BBC should hang its head in shame – appalling and very unprofessional. The Glastonbury work wasn’t the best – but at least they had anchors who were capable, and knew where they we going next.

    Dear Fern, Claudia and the idiot Theakston were less well informed that we were, and couldn’t conduct an interview for the life of them.

    Kanya West has his own fans, and the act must have meant something to them – I hope because it passed me by, and whilst I agree with the P Diddy comment, can’t help thinking the Diana references throughout weren’t just the ticket.

    The closing escapades, however, were the final nail in the coffins of the organisers, event teams and the BBC – what a farce.

    Ricky Gervais was spot on upto the end of the dance routine, and then died a cringing death, the BBC link was a shambles, Eltons final numbers inappropriate in the extreme (and why the pictures of him and Bernie Taupin on the screens behind) but the home vids of Diana as a kid were just wrong. Wrong. Wrong Wrong!

    These were home, family videos, not relevant to anything she did in late life – why not show the work with AIDS victims, kids, mine victims, the poor and disadvantaged etc. As a royal she did so much to make a bunch of inbred non entities something worthwhile, why not show that?

    And after they had shown the closing vids, the lights come up and the stadium is empty……. fireworks? lasers? Big everyone on stage number? WTF!

    So, in summary – Duran Duran, Rod, Take That & Tom & Joss were fine examples of their art, Elton, Quo & P Diddy were acceptable and a bit of the Curates egg and Kanya West, Mr Supertramp & the whole f*cking BBC were appalling!

    Chin chin


  2. don’t sugar coat it CC, just tell it straight!

    great stuff. it was shambolic but compelling watching. I love this stuff that you have to watch through closed fingers. the final bit was just so ham-fisted. I know Bob Geldof is a nutter but he has a better sense of how to close a show. this just dribbled away. fantastically amateurish and not a hint of criticism
    from the many BBC presenters. top stuff. we’re world leaders at cringe tv.

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