NHS and the BBC

I’m in awe of the people who are leading the fight against covid-19 in our hospitals and care centres. They aren’t receiving the PPE and testing they need from our bloody Gov’t but they keep working to keep us alive and too many of them are paying the ultimate sacrifice. Never will they be taken for granted again I hope. And let’s not forget our other key workers like postmen, refuse collectors, delivery and transport drivers, retail store workers, teachers and many more who are battling on, keeping essential life still available to us

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I’ve travelled down this path before, it’s called Tosspots-on-TV Lane. Or people I see on the box who drive me fu**ing crazy. I could fill two pages with names but I might be repeating myself from earlier postings so I’ll try to keep it fresh….

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baby map reference


Well here’s a picture of the bonkers couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just before their baby was born. It’s been very difficult to avoid exposure to this particular celebrity pregnancy. I don’t care anything about the couple if truth be told but like everyone I guess I was wondering what dopey celebrity ‘K’ name they were going to give the little ‘un. My money was on King Size.

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enough already, denise

I wrote the other day about an annoying trend by the TV companies to have their main presenters showcase several shows. As if there wasn’t any new talent out there. On top of that I’ve noticed  a similar tendency for all the broadcasters to get their popular ‘stars’ on as many shows as possible. So we see the likes of Denise Welch, who was for several years acting against type as the flirty barmaid in Corrie, playing a regular role on daytime panel show Loose Women as the loosest of the lot,  featuring in the drama series Waterloo Rd, then as a contestant on the current series of Dancing on Ice and tonight I saw her and hubby appearing on a trailer for the forthcoming comedy series Benidorm. And of course she features on every damn chat show as her celebrity status as the boozing, snorting, partying 52 year old in all the sleb mags and other media grows by the day. It seems to be a deliberate policy of finding a viewers’ favourite then re-cycling him or her throughout the schedules over and over again like a bit of old plastic. Continue reading

britain’s got talent…less kerry and peter

One of my favourite ways of passing a spare 5 minutes in my humdrum life is to catch up on the latest sleb news by reviewing the headlines on the weekly celebrity mags when I’m buying my paper. It’s a guilty secret of mine. I love all that ‘Katie and Alex in break -up shock’, ‘Denise falls off the wagon – again!’, ‘Fern shows off her bikini body’ stuff. But I was alarmed to read some recent headlines suggesting that the dopiest pair of slebprats, Kerry Katona and Peter Andre, were ‘becoming’ an item. Umm. Continue reading

whatever happened to….?

I know there are thousands of blogsites out there obsessed with today’s so-called celebrities and they all seem to focus on what Katie/Dannii/Cheryl/Simon et al did today. But I have a strange fascination with the faded celebrity, the ones who are no longer papped falling out of Chinawhite’s at 3am or seen gracing the diary pages of Hello, OK!, Now and the red top papers. Once they were titans but now they simply don’t even register a blip on the tabloids’ radar. How do they feel about that; are they relieved or heart-broken to be out of the public’s attention? Don’t you really want to know how their psyche’s been affected? No? Well I’d love to meet them now just to find out how a return to the quiet life is affecting them. You just know that some of them will be happy to potter about in the garden whilst others will try to hold on to faded glories and continue to act all luvvie/rock star and be the pathetic centre of attention on Saturday nights at the local Dog and Duck. Continue reading

hewson, we have a problem

I’ve written before about how underwhelmed we’ve been with the Virgin Media bundle package. It’s 90% hopeless (we still don’t have wireless access for the laptop) but I can openly admit that one element of it is simply  super; their catch-up on-demand I-Player is built in to the service and therefore available directly on our tv. If Virgin can do it why can’t the BBC/ITV/C4/Sky? Mystifies me. Earlier today this fabulously neat facility brought me the televisual treat of the season, Celebrity Come Dine With Me, which I missed last night. Oh what an experience. If you’ve not seen it go check it out (on your computers non-Virgins).

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