whatever happened to….?

I know there are thousands of blogsites out there obsessed with today’s so-called celebrities and they all seem to focus on what Katie/Dannii/Cheryl/Simon et al did today. But I have a strange fascination with the faded celebrity, the ones who are no longer papped falling out of Chinawhite’s at 3am or seen gracing the diary pages of Hello, OK!, Now and the red top papers. Once they were titans but now they simply don’t even register a blip on the tabloids’ radar. How do they feel about that; are they relieved or heart-broken to be out of the public’s attention? Don’t you really want to know how their psyche’s been affected? No? Well I’d love to meet them now just to find out how a return to the quiet life is affecting them. You just know that some of them will be happy to potter about in the garden whilst others will try to hold on to faded glories and continue to act all luvvie/rock star and be the pathetic centre of attention on Saturday nights at the local Dog and Duck. Continue reading