spurs win; gertcha

Chas and Dave (and Colin and Shay) will be rocking tonight; Spurs came from behind to beat Chelsea 2-1 in the Carling Cup Final at Wembley. I’m sure it was the result most football fans would have been hoping for – a win for a team outside the big 4. And Spurs deserved it, they’ve hit a rich vein of form in the Cup and were the more determined side today. Plus the shoe-in Chelski manager Grant picked an odd side, dropping in-form Joe Cole and Ballack and having striker Anelka play out wide. He seemed incapable of spotting his mistakes until too late whereas Ramos was very decisive. I heard somebody say today that previous managers Mourinho would never have lost the game whilst Jol wouldn’thave had the conviction to win it. I thought that was an intelligent (if irrelevant) comment.

I took particular personal delight because that turncoat snakeoil salesman Peter Kenyon gave a confident interview on the radio this morning going on about how wonderfully well Chelski are doing. Their annual losses are down to just under £100m but this is a sure sign that Kenyon’s commercial programme is working. Let’s call it profit from a different perspective. He was so god damn cocky and a win today was anticipated with all the glee of a corner shopkeeper who was the only guy open on a bank holiday. Well Spurs went and ruined your revenue predictions PK. ha ha ha ha ha. How did Roman like that?



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