the bbc – big barrowload of contradictions

We’re heading back to the delights of Italian TV very shortly. I’ve mocked it many times but I tell you what, the situation at the BBC is getting just as bad. You’d think after all that furore over the Queen’s documentary, then the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand debacle they’d be pulling out all the stops to prevent any further on-air howlers. Well on Sunday evening something was pulled out all right; John Barrowman’s ‘fruit and nuts’. By all accounts that’s ‘all it was’ – presumably he spared us the dairy milk.

It seems that during an interview on radio 1’s Switch programme, the show’s presenters Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw taunted him with the opener ‘You’re famous we’re told for getting your willy out in interviews (really?). Is this going to happen today? ‘ Old smiley barrows didn’t need any more encouragement as he whipped out his tackle to the jocks’ mock shock.  Fortunately it was on radio and the studio web-cam was swiftly covered up, said an overworked BBC spokemen later. Well that’s ok then.   Is it just me or does anyone else feel like the BBC is losing not just all sense of sound editorial  judgement but also a consistent view on its retained talent?    

I don’t want to sound like a reactionary old fart but you’d think that  somebody behind the studio glass might have thought it prudent to stall the presenters from completing that particular question, given the recent publicity and Barrowman’s apparent track record? And isn’t it odd that one part of the BBC builds this guy up as one of their key stars aimed at the young and family audiences then another part invites him to behave like some debauched rock star?

And just why does Barrowman have such a high profile at the BBC – he’s on frigging everything? And if it’s not him it’s Graham Norton, who I used to really like. Today it’s been announced that Norton’s taking over from Wogan as the ‘voice’ of the Eurovision Song Contest. Now I can’t stand Wogan, nor the ESC,  but it seems like the BBC have been giving him carte blanche over the years to criticise and poke fun at the competition’s musical standards and the in-built bias in the voting system. And some viewers have found it amusing too I suspect. Well if the BBC felt it was crap too why did they continue to cover the competition and waste huge amounts of licence payers’ money hosting the search for and promoting a UK entry and covering the final? I suspect there’s an obligation as a host broadcaster and the event’s organisers have lost patience with Wogan’s sniping commentary and the BBC’s indulgence of his views and have forced the Beeb to show its commitment and support for the whole nonsense. 

So now they’ve edged out rugrat Wogan and the gay mafia who seem to be in control of the production of all light entertainment at the BBC  now have installed their man at the helm. And old rubber face will be there too. I can’t wait to get back to all those gorgeous women presenters on Italian TV – it may be sexist and stereotypical but I’d rather be seen as a shallow man than have to endure Barrowman’s fascination with his own tackle. Oh do leave it alone son




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