boss-eyed girls

Now I think you know that I really like women – and there are very very few I don’t like and only one I ever detested, Her Royal Lowness Princ(iplel)ess Margaret  – see posting on Unlikeable Lassies, 15 October 2007. But I’ve noticed that an increasing number of the most photographed ladies around are just a little bit boss-eyed. They are all physically attractive alluring women but is it just me who’s noticed this little feature? Maybe it’s because I’m eye-sensitive at the moment.  But next time you’re watching the front cover of Vogue, or Dancing on Ice/This Morning or Coronation St or Holby City check out these leading ladies. The eyes have it…

Madcap Kate:

Lovely Holly Willoughby:

Tearful Kym Marsh:

Oft-married Patsy Kensit:

Come on, is it just me?



4 thoughts on “boss-eyed girls

  1. I always had a thing for Marty Feldman so maybe I’m not the best person to comment on people who have extra peripheral sight range.

    Perhaps less photographed, but other examples of ladies who don’t let a slight squint get in the way of an acting career..
    Glynis Barber of Dempsey & Makepeace fame.
    Jane Danson – Leanne Battersby on Corrie
    Jennie McAlpine – Fizz on Corrie


  2. as the old saying goes… one eye went in the shop, the other left with the change.
    Also in the male boss-eyed league – check out Tony Gordon (actor Gray O’Brien) from Corrie. Not so much boss eyed, but one eye is a squash ball, the other is the size of a basketball.
    RADA trained? Oldham Rep Trained? Dodgy eyes? – Get down to Granada Studios. There’s a vacancy in the Underworld factory for a boss-eyed actor who can sew knickers but not necessary in a straight line.

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