Random thoughts

Well dear readers for the first time in a very long time I thought I’d do a posting not linked to a single theme but just a series of random thoughts zapping around in my mind at the moment. Each of these could be the subject of a separate posting but I thought I’d just shorthand it for fun.

First up the last word (possibly) on Matt Hancock. I read today his poor wife, if public humiliation wasn’t enough, is also suffering from long covid having caught it from guess who? Yes the toad Hancock. And just to add a teeny bit more shame, it became clear today that Hancock took his squeeze,  Gina Coladangelo, for a taxpayer-financed shagfest to the recent G7 summit in Cornwall, rather than his poor wife. Oh and horny Gina has actually been a rather close personal friend to his wife it turns out. If you could name a bigger pair of douche bags than these two I’ll gladly send you a vial of vile sanitizer.

Next the Euro Championships which after a year of incessant football I’m still managing to enjoy. Probably because England are still in it. I have to say it, but I was thrilled to see Denmark beat Wales. I was an Englishman at uni in a very nationalistic Aberystwyth when Wales won the triple Triple Crown in rugby union. I can tell you that they absolutely revelled in their Welshness – to the extent that they seemingly hated anything English, including me (well at least in the union bar). Can you believe it?  Moi? I never minded the jossing and the plastic glasses of beer being thrown but I didn’t like all the  nationalistic fervour. It was v nasty to be honest.  So forgive me when I say that all that ‘Bale is a genius’ nonsense from the band of rabid Welsh pundits on the radio/tv was hard to swallow. And guess what, he wasn’t. And hasn’t been for several years. You might accuse me of schadenfreude but I’ve been right behind the Danish team since the Eriksen incident.  If they were to beat England I wouldn’t complain. It’s the truth.

Have you seen the recent tv adverts from Santander comparing themselves to the Bank of Antandec? They are just toe-curlingly crap. I can spot an advertising  agency preying on a weak marketing team and convincing them that anything with Ant and Dec in it would be incredibly impactful. Like Gareth Bale. It’s bullshit. The ads are unbelievably shite; unfunny and ridiculous in equal measure. This is one in a series of ads which get increasingly puerile. Take a look…

Another ad now which is equally mind-boggling. This time from Samsung for their new laptop. It’s about all the new developments they’ve introduced to make this machine look so cool. It needed a nerdy kind of character to front it imho. But who did they get to present it ? Blake Harrison who is forever typecast as the moron Neil Sutherland from Inbetweeners. I just can’t watch the ad without thinking why did they choose an imbecile to be a spokesperson? It’s just so incongruous. Anyway have a look…

Next up, and this will almost certainly antagonise all my Tottenham Hotspur mates (well Shay) but what is happening in their pursuit of a new manager? I hear there’s a guy who’s been managing Santiago Wanderers in Chile who they now want to interview, having spoken to and been rejected by 47 of the top European managers in Europe. Do you think the problem could actually be CEO Daniel Levy? And perhaps the owner could/should get rid of him too now the stadium’s built? Just a thought Shay.

Finally and still on football (sorry ladies). But on the opening match ceremony they had this little radio-controlled (I’m guessing) model car of the new ID4 all electric model come onto the pitch to deliver the match ball to the officials in the centre circle. VW of course are one of the tournament sponsors. Why didn’t they continue with this for every match? I loved it. Maybe the other sponsors thought it stole their thunder. I wouldn’t have given a flying fuck as the VW marketing head – twatting your co-sponsors was always one of my favourite big game sports.

A bit football-focused but hope you’ve enjoyed some randomness for a change. Single themes will be resumed as soon as possible.



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