syrups, it’s a pity!

Well I guess that as I was critical of SJP and all that chick-com fashion schmaltz embodied in Sex and the City, I thought that I ought to redress the balance and have a pop at the least enviable vanity trait of the male of the species. I’m talking about hairpieces, you know those ridiculous bits of rug that male media personalities of a certain age  take to wearing or weaving into their increasingly thinning scalps in the mistaken belief that a) it preserves their youthful looks and b) it’s so lifelike  it’s impossible to detect. D’ya think? Continue reading

michael jackson memorial

Because we’ve been so busy recently I’ve been distracted from writing many blogs, even though there’s been so much rich and wonderful material to write about. And I guess the biggest story of the last week or so has been about death, sadly; Farrah FM, Man U’s credibility in the transfer market, British tennis hopes in the Wimbledon semis (yet again) and the unique Michael Jackson. Sorry to be a bit flip but I’ve just been watching the MJ tribute concert and I’m struggling with this portrayal of him as someone ‘pure’ as Brooke Shields described him, incredibly. Continue reading