Goodbye Mr Quips




I know millions will disagree but there was unconfined joy in this household this week at the news that Sir Bruce Forsyth has at long last decided to remove his patent leather shoes and that ridiculous rug and retire from presenting Strictly Come Dancing. Jeez I’ve had to wait until the hoofer turned 86 (that’s like 653 in old goat years) before giving up squinting at his cue cards and mangling his useless quips and punchlines. I was starting to believe that the cancer would get me before he called it a day. Hufriggingrrah

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syrups, it’s a pity!

Well I guess that as I was critical of SJP and all that chick-com fashion schmaltz embodied in Sex and the City, I thought that I ought to redress the balance and have a pop at the least enviable vanity trait of the male of the species. I’m talking about hairpieces, you know those ridiculous bits of rug that male media personalities of a certain age  take to wearing or weaving into their increasingly thinning scalps in the mistaken belief that a) it preserves their youthful looks and b) it’s so lifelike  it’s impossible to detect. D’ya think? Continue reading

strictly X celebrity factor… forever

Well we’ve been back a few weeks and it’s allowed us to catch up with all the Saturday night tv shows. I actually quite enjoyed IACGMOOH – it seemed to come to a conclusion nice and  quickly and  although it had its share of sad has beens, they made for good tv. X factor reaches its conclusion tonight thankfully – surely the highlight of the whole series was Dermot’s post-mime interview with Britney – just arrrwesome! Nice of you to bother turning up love. But the prize for played out, overblown cringe-inducing TV has to be Strictly Come Dancing.  Words fail me….

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a brucie bonus

Well C’s on her way to Rimini airport taking her delightful cousin P to catch her flight back to the UK. It’s been lovely to have P here this week – on her first visit to Italy. I hope it’s been a nice break for her. We haven’t done a lot – mostly the girls have been happy to catch some rays and just chat and chill, do a little bit of retail therapy and have some nice meals and a bit of wine. But the builders turned up unannounced 3 days ago and have been working non-stop on reinforcing the foundations to the extension (more later) and it’s kind of cramped the girls’ sunbathing style. So they’ve been heading down to the beach and yesterday I went with them, leaving the builders to it. And it turned out to be a good game, good game. Continue reading

to see you…painful

I’ve just been listening to Jimmy Tarbuck on Richard Bacon’s late night radio 2 show, praising BBC’s major star Bruce Forsyth and celebrating his 80th birthday tomorrow. Apparently he’s famous for something like 15 catch-phrases which the BBC regard as worthy of particular tribute.

Wow 15!! in 60 years of performance. It’s a staggering canon of work to rival Richard Dimbleby, Sir David Attenborough and Kenneth Clarke. Sigh.

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